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Systematic Covered Writing
   ... more than just covered calls
As with any investment strategy their are times when issues need to be addressed. These may be important questions that need to be answered. This section of the Web site was created to address some of these issues. As time allows, additional information will be added. My goal is to provide as much information about the SysCW process in order to allow you to make an informed decision about its use. To that end, here are the current topics.

Understanding Value   Here I address the Account Value issue, and why the method of measuring one's progress using the SysCW methodology is different than how we measure 'success' based on a more traditional investment methodology.

Our Destiny  This discussion explains why we will eventually be holding positions that have lost value. While we would like every new covered call position to end with the assignment of the underlying stock, that just doesn't happen continuously. Similarly, we would like secured puts to expire worthless and end our obligation to purchase stock. This does not always happen either.

Expectations  Another interesting topic has to deal with what one can expect from SysCW over an extended period of time. While there are never any guarantees, this discussion is based on a significant amount of data.

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