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Systematic Covered Writing
   ... more than just covered calls
A few very important comments, followed by a proposal.

Systematic Covered Writing is a process designed by, and for, long-term investors, it is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme. The methodology involves understanding that stocks do not have to appreciate in order for an investor to generate capital. Rather than relying on picking the 'right' stock at the right time, and then selling it for a profit, our focus is on being paid because we own the stock - regardless of its current value.

We learn to follow the cash ... not the value.  
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Which would work better for you, a monthly payment or the convenience and savings of a yearly payment?  Please select one of the PayPal choices below.   Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You may cancel your subscription at the end of any billing cycle.  A lot of individuals have paid a lot more for a lot less than you will receive from Systematic Covered Writing.
This is a solicitation for the Systematic Covered Writing  email service. The service will provide educational examples using the strategies of Systematic Covered Writing as they apply in today's marketplace. This service shall not be held liable for the suitability or future investment performance of any securities or strategies discussed. Historical examples are just that, historical. The transactions listed actually took place. The cash generated by the examples is not to be taken as representative of any individual's ability to generate similar amounts in the future.
If you agree with what you just read, then you should thoughtfully consider the following.

Systematic Covered Writing is a unique process. SysCW, as a business, takes an unusual marketing approach with the following thoughts in mind: Covered writing is
not for everyone, but it should be at least considered by anyone that invests.

A significant amount of information has already been provided for free if you received the tutorial. Not just a pamphlet promising dramatic returns, or historic examples of
great returns that 'could have been made', but real examples with an ongoing history.  In addition to the 'what' to do, the examples suggest the 'why' to do it.

The historical examples are diversified over a number of different stocks and 'situations'. Most important . . . your only investment has been your time! It is hoped that the
astute reader will agree that a lot of information has been shared with absolutely no investment or commitment up front.  It's a learning process that is just beginning. "If
you elect to continue this 'educational' process . . . I guarantee you will know more about writing covered calls than 99% of the licensed brokers in this country."

NOTE: You will not believe the amount of information you will receive during the first month of your subscription.   So, here's an offer you should not refuse. if after 30
days you are not completely satisfied with your subscription, the covered writer will gladly refund 100% of your subscription payment.

Yes . . . a 100% money back guarantee!

Just how good is the information . . . sign up and find out. You have nothing to lose! And please, keep and use the spreadsheets and examples as food for thought!

DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION - The DELUXE  SysCW subscription is for those that want to continue the learning process, or for writers that would like an alternate point
of view.  The information delivered via email will illustrate the use of the Systematic Covered Writing process on over 100 individual stocks over the coming year.  It is
important to maintain the understanding that the examples are provided for educational purposes only.  Here is what you will receive:

Between 20 and 30 email examples per month. Some will cover strategies that were not  included in the free trial.

Direct email access to a team of covered writers willing to help you understand the SysCW process.

Initial Positions emailed the same day they are placed.  Please note that Systematic Covered Writing is not a 'timing' strategy.  There is no        urgency.  An Initial
Position established today, could also be established three weeks from today or possibly three months from today. Initial positions are based on a math exercise.  Once
suitability issues are satisfied . . . if the 'math works'. . . .just do it!  It is important to realize that not all positions are suitable for every investor.  There is also no guarantee
that 'the math' will work in the future.

Detailed information about the theory behind Systematic Covered Writing.  "If you don't know why you are doing something . . . then why are you doing it?" There are
literally 100's of pages to review.

The formats for the Initial Position 'Math Exercise',  The Historical Position Tracker and the Realized Capital Gains Report and the various math exercises will be sent
over the coming months.

Email support for the use of the Excel worksheets.

Each month a new detailed explanation of the strategies used during the SysCW process.
The SysCW Web site has literally hundreds of real historic examples as well as current active positions.  Each time activity takes place, you will receive an email update. 
If you really want to learn . . . this is the way to do it!

Access to the SysCW Active Portfolios. Here you will find literally hundreds of ACTIVE positions as well as the complete historical data for all CLOSED positions for
each portfolio.

Ten to 20 additional email examples per month of Systematic Covered Writing strategies and positions. This means you will have access to between 30 and 50
historical examples of Systematic Covered Writing.  An amazing amount of information for a minimal expense.


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