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Systematic Covered Writing
   ... more than just covered calls
The Subscription Button below is for investors using Systematic Covered Writing that would like to have their trading data processed and used to create a personalized SysCW Position Tracker Excel file. 

This Service Includes:

Updates to your Position Tracker data based on trading information that you provide. Instructions will be provided. The trading activity will be posted and return to you on the same day.

Additional updates will be completed for dividends and other activity that affect the SysCW cash genration process. Once again, instructions will be provided in order for you to transfer the necessary information to me. Please note, I will have no direct access to your online account.

Analysys of how various SysCW strategies may be used at times to improve your investment process.

One on one phone, text, and email discussions are included when time permits.

Price - $50.00 monthly per $250k available or invested in the market. This is only $11.54 per week. Please note, you do not need to have a $250k account to use this service, but you also need to be a subscriber.  Click the PayPal button to begin, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
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