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SysCW Data Manager - It's a matter of TIME and ACCURACY
Data Management
After months of testing and development, I now offer a software program that will compile your covered call and cash secured put transactions and then update your SysCW Position Tracker with the click of a button. It is an amazing tool for investors using the Systematic Covered Writing approach to investing. This is especially true now that we are focused on using the Weekly Strategy to maximize our ability to generate capital, that one day will be used to supplement our retirement income.  
First a little history:

Prior to the advant of the expanded weekly option contracts, a covered writer had from three to four weeks to post trade data. Needless to say, this needs to be done prior to the active option expiring. We need to maintain our own records so that at any point in time we know the current amount invested in a given position as well as the amount of cash that investment has generated since inception. It would be very difficult to do this from a brokerage statement. Quite frankly, brokerage firms are simply not designed to follow portfolios entirely devoted to covered call and or cash secured Put positions.

As the switch was made to selling weekly contracts, it was getting almost impossible to keep up with the data. At that point, I decided to have custom software written that would take the information from a Trade Log and use it to update an active Position Tracker file. Once this project was complete, I realized that others may want to use this program. It is a tremendous time saver. 
Here is what this program will do:
Create new cc and csp postions in the Position Tracker from Trade Log downloads
Close positions that worked and move them from the Active Section of the Position Tracker to the Closed Section.
Close call options that expire worthless.
Convert csp positions to cc positions when a Put option is exercised.
Post rolling transactions involving cc or csp positions.
Close older positions that are allowed to go back to cash and move the data to the Closed Secion of the Position Tracker.
Post various Dollar Cost Averaging strategies including the Combo Buy Back & Roll Out and Up strategy.
Update both the Closed Position Recap and Active Position recap sections as data is posted to the Position Tracker.
The SysCW Data Manager does just that ... it manages the trading data that is downloaded from a brokerage firm and then posts that data in a specified Position Tracker file. One copy of the program is all you need. All of the data you see in the subscriber email examples has been created by the Data Manager software.
A current version of the Position Tracker layout.
MS Excel where files are saved in an .xls format.
A PC or a MAC, with the PC being preferred.

Your COST - $299.00
I trust you realize it cost substantually more than $300 to develope this software. My goal is to help you help yourself while learning how to create consistent cash flow using Systematic Covered Writing. With the advent of the Weekly Strategy, the bookkeeping aspect for moderate to larger portfolios was becoming overwhelming. It is possible that some investors were shying away from the more lucrative Weekly transactions simply due to the daunting task of maintaining accurate records.

I was almost at that point myself, which is why I had the software developed. It is extremely fast and accurate. For example, one of the portfolios where I manage the data is referred to as the $800k Portfolio. It would literally take me two to three hours to update the Position Tracker data each week! I consider myself better than average in terms of the speed at which I can post transactions. With this program, it now takes me less than five minutes to post the trading data to the Position Tracker. It really is a time saver and has allowed me to continue to assit more investors.
Free Trial ...
Yes, of course there is a FREE TRIAL. Yes, you will have to invest some time formatting your records correctly. There is also support time required from me, so the trial is avialble on a first come first served basis. The free trial is for ONE MONTH. That should provide you with ample exposure to the software and what it can do for you. Needless to say, at any point in time you can purchase the full verision of the software. Again, your total cost is $299.00.

If you are interested in the FREE TRIAL, just let me know via email at
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