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Systematic Covered Writing
   ... more than just covered calls

It's YOUR future

There are investors that are looking for passionate and effective help in order to learn how to supplement their retirement income. They are tired of the big brokerage firms not being willing to help them unless they have 'x' amount of funds to invest. Or that only offer an investment strategy based on capital appreciation. We have all heard that if we keep doing what we've been doing, change is going to be hard to come by.   With this thought in mind -

Do you have an IRA?
Or a 401K?
Or a non-IRA investment account?

Better yet - are you going to need to consistently supplement your retirement income?
Or are you just curious about covered call writing?
If you said yes to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to consider this free offer!

The Systematic Covered Writing Tutorial

Yes, it really is FREE. Use the Tutorial Link on the left to signup for a series of email messages that will cover the basics of covered call writing. The tutorial is meant for everyone; from a novice to an experienced call writer. It's a great way to learn the basics or brush up on the current trends without parting with anything other than your time. While in most cases, you get what you pay for, I think you will agree this tutorial is a clear exception.
The SysCW Book

Systematic Covered Writing (SysCW) is a process designed by (and for) long-term investors, it is not a 'get-rich-quick'
scheme.  SysCW is based on five principles, one of which is embraced in the following observation by Nick Murray:

If markets and/or investments lent themselves to rational analysis in any significantly predictive way, somebody (or, more
properly, somebody's computer) would have perfected that analysis long since, and would have taken away all the chips of
everybody else at the table. This has not happened. And if it hasn't happened by now--with every computer nerd in the
world washing through his computer every recorded trade since the Assyrians swapped wheat to the Babylonians for
bronze--it ain't gonna happen. The secret [to investing] is: there is no secret. (Murray, 1996,p.38)

Murray, N. (1996). The Excellent Investment Advisor. New York: Nick Murray

If you really want to learn the ins and outs of Systematic Covered Writing, you really should consider purchasing a copy of my
book. Please check out the Book Order link on this page.
SysCW Home
SysCW Software

With the advent of the Weekly Strategy came a paperwork dilemma. Rather than having three weeks or more to post transactions, writers now have a matter of days. The solution was to have custom software developed that would post transactions in a matter of seconds. This was the solution to what was rapidly becoming a bookkeeping nightmare.
SysCW Subscription

I'll begin with the fact that this subscription comes with a money back guarantee. This email based service provides examples of SysCW Portfolios that are actively being traded. In other words, you can follow Portfolio activity on the same day it takes place. A subscriber is also allowed access to the SysCW Website, which contains 100's of pages on the theory behind the strategies of SysCW along with 100's of real investment strategies. In order to know where we are going with the Systematic Covered Writing philosophy, it is important to know how we got to where we currently are.

Subscribers also receive a copy of the SysCW Weekly List, which details stocks offering the expanded weekly option contracts along with plausible option contracts and potential forthcoming dividend positions. Surely ... if I didn't believe it was worth the cost of admission, I would not offer a money back guarantee. To be bluntly, you have nothing to lose but a little time.


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